Teen Yoga...

This class is designed to be a safe and nurturing space for teens. Asanas are chosen to release tension, to slow down and connect with their breath. Partnered asanas create patience, human connection and to emphasise the present moment. Improving their focus and bringing a healthy awareness of their body and mind can be an important tool for teens to navigate our fast-paced, competitive world.

Gentle Flow...

Is a class for those who are new to yoga or are out of practice; or who practice at home but want some company!

Asanas are sequenced a little slower, they can flow or be static, giving the student the chance to relax into the shape.

 Breath work is encouraged throughout the session to achieve a grounding experience. The physical benefits of a regular yoga class are increased muscle strength and tone, improved bone density and reduced inflammation of joints.

Men's class...

The men's class is a chance for to practise yoga within a small group. The intention is not on competing for flexibility, but to focus on strengthening the hips, back and core.

The sessions are always designed to encourage relaxation and a little bit of time out.

Beginners/Intermediate level.

Within A School...


A Teen Yoga class within a school environment can be:

  • To help manage exam stress or to enhance the student's wellbeing

  • Incorporated into a PE lesson to improve physical performance

  • As an after school class, as regular attendance helps towards credits for a D.o E award.

 The physical and mental benefits of Yoga are significant: better focus and sleep, a positive awareness of their own bodies and to build healthy relationships.

Yoga for DofE...


Complete all your physical credits for a bronze DofE award with Yoga.

1 hour live classes for 12 weeks via online or with other teens at the studio in East Finchley.


Teen yoga is about empowering you to feel better about your body and help you focus on what is important to you. Physical benefits are flexibility, lengthening muscles and strengthening your body. The class will also encourage you to explore the relaxing effects of the breath and offer better control of your emotions. 

Yoga for Kids...


Charm shares yoga within nurseries and primary schools.

Yoga for kids can be both fun and challenging. From the age of 2, children can explore different asanas that help develop balance, coordination, motor skills and bone density. Working with a partner brings trust and sensitivity. Drawing attention to their breath plants the seed of inner and outer connection.


Corporate Classes

Corporate classes are designed to develop the range of physical movement in specific areas such as hips, back and the core; as well as relaxation time for the well-being of staff. Asanas are modified to suit all abilities because yoga is designed for everyone! The mental benefits are better concentration, patience and a general feeling of ease.

Private 1:1 Classes

& Small Groups

A private session can be exactly what you need it to be. The focus can be on specific areas such as hips or core strength; it can be a vinyasa "flowing" practice for overall flexibility and strengthening; or a slower class for relaxation.

Testimonial from Coram's Fields Nursery:

"The children at our nursery absolutely love Charm and her yoga sessions. She makes them super fun and easy for the children to understand and join in with. What is great is she is able to cater them to slightly different age groups/abilities which means all the children can benefit, and they are really creative. We really noticed such a difference in our children’s physical development, wellbeing and behaviour after just a few sessions."